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In ESPN Video, Nets Fans Talk About "Enduring"

ESPN's Page 2 send video cam-toting Cam Martin to the IZOD Center recently to see how Nets fans are dealing with what could be a historic season.  For the most part, they spoke about just enduring a difficult year and hoping for the best, in particular, John Wall. 

As for whether they wanted the Nets to get to 10 and avoid the NBA futility record, opinion was divided.  "I think they're gonna do it, they're gonna break the record unfortunately," said a fan with the winning name of Alex Rodriguez after the loss to Atlanta. "It's not a record we want to have in the history [of the NBA]. But it is what it is."

Still most of the diehard fans--Martin spoke only to those wearing Nets gear--were optimistic about the team's future.  "We're struggling this year, but we've got young talent," said fan Sean Palmer, 19. "We're going to get a big superstar next year and we're going to make a comeback."  And everyone asked said they wanted Wall in a Nets uniform next season.