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Frank Getting Ready

No one ever accused Lawrence Frank of being unprepared.  And the Nets winningest coach is again getting ready the only way he knows how: methodically.  As Dave D'Alessandro reports, Frank is now in his fourth month of the buildup to his next job.  The first month, he reacquainted himself with his family.  Then,  for two months, he was seemingly in every gym between here and the west coast: high school, college, pro.  Now, he's reflecting.  With as many as eight NBA jobs open this summer, he's not likely to be reflecting very long. 

He's still a big fan of the franchise and suggests a turnaround could come quickly, adding that the key is getting that one great player, whether in the draft, free agency or a trade. "When you study the NBA," he says, "You know a team takes on the personality of its best player. With any team on a high level, the top player embodies its winning culture."