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You Can't Out-Market Brett Yormark

You could have predicted it.  In fact, you would have been surprised if it didn't happen. 

As Dave D'Alessandro reports, The Nets had a "Bag Exchange" Wednesday. Fans were invited to turn in their paper  bags for a nylon one with the Nets' logo on it.   Accompanying the bag,  note from Brett Yormark. The note read, "Thanks for letting us see your face, we hope we see it more often at Nets games – Regards, Brett Yormark."

Moreover, the Nets CEO has invited Chris "Bag Man" Lisi of Middletown to a lunch which he plans to stream live on "so all the fans can enjoy a nice constructive conversation about the team."  Yormark also revealed that Lisi had received his tickets for free.

P. T. Barnum, Eat your heart out.