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TWill Getting Respect and Honorable Mention

This week's rooking rankings are straggling in...and again Terrence Williams is making slow if steady progress up the list.  ESPN's David Thorpe now ranks TWill at #16, up one from last week, and on his Twitter page, he hopes his ankle injury isn't too severe.  "Hope he's ok", tweets Thorpe, then citing his flirting with a triple double vs the Heat notes,  "He's been impressive lately."  Drew Packham of starts off his Honorable Mentions in this week's rookie  rankings with Williams.

For the month of March, the Nets' point forward has put up 13.5 points, 6.9 rebounds and 4.7 assists in 30 minutes a game.  He's still having trouble with his shooting, hitting 43.3% overall, and with his turnovers, still at 2.2 per game, but shot selection and ball handling have both improved dramatically.

He remains questionable for the Kings game Wednesday night with that ankle sprain suffered against Miami.