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Tick, Tick, Tick - Time Running Short for the Nets

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The Nets have to win one-fourth of their final 12 games, knowing they've only won one-tenth of the first 70.  The Nets have to prove they are not, in Bill Parcells famous line, what their record says they are: the worst team ever to wear an NBA uniform.  The national media is now on the case.  USA Today has a whole package of stories Wednesday on the team's demise, with an analysis of what went wrong, a statistical wrap-up, an interactive poll, even an interview with the best player on the 1972-73 Sixer team that by this point in the season had won their ninth--and last--game.

Filip Bondy, the veteran national basketball writer for the Daily News compares the personnel on the two teams.  He thinks the Nets would lose on a last second shot.  Fred Carter, who enjoys calling himself the best player on the worst team ever, thinks his Sixers would win easily.