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Jay Wright Hopes the Nets Don't Call

Villanova coach Jay Wright, out of the NCAA tournament, had an odd response when asked Tuesday about reports that the Nets and 76ers might come calling in a few weeks.  "I just hope it doesn’t happen," Wright said. "I really do. I hope no one contacts me and I can just coach at Villanova. That’s what I want to do. That’s really the truth. That’s what I do right now." That hardly qualifies as a denial. It translates more like "Please don't tempt me."  Wright, who makes close to $2 million in salary and deferred compensation, has talked to the NBA and big college programs in the past. 

Peter Vecsey wrote last week that the Nets have Wright high on their list of coaching candidates to interview. "Look for Jay to be on the top of the list when [Rod Thorn] presents his suggestions," Vecsey quoted a Nets source as saying.