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Taking It To The Streets

With their legal options out of gas, opponents to Barclays Center are looking down other avenues to get their message out.  One has taken to the street (quite literally) to express his or her feelings.  Early Tuesday morning Brooklyn commuters were shocked to see an electronic road sign displaying an anti-Bruce Ratner message instead of  a warning that a street had been closed for construction.  The second word in the hijacked sign was "Ratner".  The first word?  Not something you'll read here. 

Someone had broken into the sign's control panel and switched the message.  How long it was up?  Hard to tell, but after it was discovered, the sign was quickly returned to its earlier lettering...and surrounded with barbed wire.   Daniel Goldstein, spokesman of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, said he knew nothing about the hijacked sign, but noted, "If it wasn’t obvious already, people are angry with the project."  Meanwhile, Ratner's representatives promised to report the vandalism to the NYPD.