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Jay-Z's "Other" Free Agent Pal

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Jay-Z has a higher profile with the Nets of late.  After his star turn at the Barclays Center ground breaking, he looks like he'll be playing a featured role in the Nets' off-season plans.  And it won't be limited to LeBron James, apparently.   Dwyane Wade mentioned Jay-Z Monday night when asked about the Nets.  After all, Jay did mention D-Wade in "Empire State of Mind".  It's unlikely to sway him come July but it did impress the Heat free agent. 

``With Jay, there's no telling what he meant,'' Wade said when asked about the song. ``But just to be mentioned in a song that great -- because Jay's one of the greatest who ever did it -- it's really big.''  Wade didn't rule out consulting his friend on his big decision.

Meanwhile, the man once known as Shawn Carter says he might be interested in another sports investment.  While performing in London, he told the British media he likes the idea of investing in Arsenal, the popular British soccer team.  Each story on his interest mentioned his investment in the Nets.