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Hassell: "We Lost a Good Coach"

Trenton Hassell spoke about the Nets' losing ways with his hometown newspaper before Monday's loss to the Heat. Hassell explained the Nets' problems this way, "We had a bunch of injuries at first and got off to a slow start.  Unfortunately, we lost a good coach and just got into a bad rut.  We should be a better team than we are now.''  Hassell added that he often doesn't know when he'll be starting and when he'll be sitting.  "It's a pattern,'' he said, telling the Clarksville (TN) Leaf-Chronicle that Kiki Vandeweghe rarely communicates with his players. ""I kind of assume when I'm not starting I'm not gonna play, but you always have to keep yourself ready, no matter what. It's a job. You have to conduct yourself as a professional."