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A Reason for Hope?

Power rankings are out and there are no the bottom, that is.  The Nets remain #30 and the pundits point ot the historic reality.  "Even the 1972-73 Sixers had nine wins by this stage. Philly didn't win another game that season, true, but 9-60 has to sound pretty good to the Nets right now," writes Marc Stein.  "In all, there are probably six winnable games left. But this team already has lost a lot of winnable games," John Schuhmann argues. But remember this, in the ten years after the Sixers won nine games, they averaged 46 wins, went to the NBA Finals four times and won it all once...and it started with a good draft and free agent signings that next summer.

Best line, from SI's Chris Mannix: "Hypothetical question: If Jeff Van Gundy were coaching this team, what's the over/under on the number of post-up plays called for Lopez? One scout pegged it at 110 ... per game."

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