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Practice Facility to be Part of Barclays Center

It hasn't gotten a lot of attention yet and no interior renderings of it have been released yet, but tucked into a corner of Barclays Center will be the Nets new Practice Facility.  The "Barclays Center Practice Facility" will replace the "PNY Center" at the team's offices in East Rutherford.  The Nets are expected to stay at the PNY facility on Murray Hill Parkway--a former warehouse not far from Route 17--until Barclays opens in 2012. 

The Nets always planned to move their practice facility across the rivers--and the earliest renderings of the arena included it.  What makes the Nets facility unique among NBA teams is that visitors--and those just walking by the arena--will be able to look into it. Visitors entering the arena lobby will find a view of the practice court one level below grade. In addition, the court will be visible to those passing by on Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue, permitting fans to watch the team practice from the street.  There are even benches visible in some of the exterior renderings.  (There's no indication yet of whether access to the court can be shut off but we can't imagine a coach not wanting that right.)

It is not as exquisite as the Cavaliers' suburban Cleveland Clinic Courts, but it's designed by Ellerbe Becket, who's also the main architect for Cavs' facility...and is expected to be a more urban model.