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Moving Devin Harris

Magic Johnson thinks if the Nets get John Wall, they need to toss him the keys to car and get out the way, maybe trade Devin Harris.  Not so fast, says the Nets' current point guard.  Yes, he's prepared for anything, starting with the speculation about his future that will begin in earnest if the Nets win the lottery May 18. But he's also a tough competitor and wants everyone to know that picking Wall might not mean he's leaving.

"I’d like to think I can do both, depending on what the team needs," Harris said of moving to off-guard in what would be the NBA's fastest backcourt. "And I’m fine with that – as long as we’re winning. I know I can be a true point guard if need be, but I know I also have a gift for scoring the basketball as well."

He also tells Dave D'Alessandro that Wall might not turn into an all-star right away, remembering how long it took him and Chauncey Billups to learn the ropes. "Remember, the big eye-opener (for rookie point guards) is the level of talent they face every night. You get Chris Paul one night, then Deron Williams, Steve Nash--every night you’re going to face the other team’s best player."