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Harris, Yi Healthy, But Lopez Frustrated as Nets Push for 10

The Nets are expected to put the NBA's youngest starting lineup on the floor Saturday when they face the Raptors.  In declining order of age, the Nets will open with Devin Harris (27), Courtney Lee (24), Terrence Williams (22), Yi Jianlian (22 and counting) and Brook Lopez (21), with Kris Humphries (25), Josh Boone (25) and Chris Douglas-Roberts (23) likely to see a lot of action as well.  

While youth has its advantages, one disadvantage can be frustration.  Al Iannazzone reports that Lopez stormed off the court during practice Friday, obviously frustrated with the team's and his own difficulties.  As he left the court, the Nets big man was followed by assistant coach Roy Rogers, several players and a Nets’ security person. Lopez never returned.  Harris attributed his frustration to opposing teams' double and triple-teaming him.  "His catches aren’t as deep as they were earlier in the year. It’s probably both on myself and him - it’s kind of a partnership that way. "We need to make more of a conscious effort that when he has deep position we need to give him the ball regardless of if he has an open shot or not."