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Lee: Nets Backcourt Could Help Lure a Free Agent

Courtney Lee says that the Nets young backcourt could be "a good tool to draw in one of those frree agent players," but he adds that's not the main reason he and Devin Harris should continue improving as individuals and as a team.  "Ultimately we just got to take care of the players that's here and continue to grow it," he says.  The second year pro once again talked about the highs (Magic) and lows (Nets) he's experienced in his career so far.

Backcourt mate Chris Quinn has a different perspective.  He missed the Heat's championship run but was around for their disastrous 15-67 season two years ago, playing in 60 games and averaging 7.8 points and 3.0 assists.  So he knows futility and frustration.  He's also the answer to a trivia question: who finished second to LeBron James in the Mr. Ohio Basketball voting in 2002?