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Nets Looking at "Big Five" for Top Pick

As everyone knows by now, the Nets have a 25% chance at getting the overall #1 pick in the draft lottery May 18. They also have a 46.5% of winning one of the top two picks; a 64.3% chance of getting into the top three, and they can't finish with a pick lower than #4.  So during the NCAA's they'll be looking not just at Kentucky's John Wall and Ohio State's Evan Turner, but well beyond that.  Fred Kerber reports that right now, the Nets have five players they're giving a lot of attention: Wall, Turner, Wall's teammate DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech and Wesley Johnson of Syracuse.  All are underclassmen, with Cousins and Favors big men.  As he has in the past, Rod Thorn says the Nets'  strategy will be based not on need, but on best player available.  Since they have the Dallas pick as well, looking no higher than #27, and the first pick in the second round, at #31, the Nets will be watching a lot of March Madness.

"At least one player drafted from 25 to 35 will have a really good NBA career," Thorn said, noting the Nets will have two picks in that group this year.