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Magic: If The Nets Get Wall, They'll Have to Give Him The Ball

Dave D'Alessandro and Fred Kerber got five minutes with Magic Johnson Wednesday and the greatest point guard ever talked about the kid he thinks could be the next great point guard...and what happens if the Nets draft him.  "He’s just amazing," said Magic of John Wall. "He’ll have instant impact."  So much impact, he thinks, that the Nets will have to give him the ball.  Can Wall and Devin Harris work together?  "Well, you probably have to think about trading Devin, because he can bring in something good," he said. "He’s a good piece, but if you’ve got to sell tickets and build around a younger guy, you can bring in a nice piece for Devin."  Johnson added that he thought the Nets will do well in Newark and with Mikhail Prokhorov as their owner.

Meanwhile, Kerber reports that the Nets may indeed have interest in Al Harrington his summer, quoting team officials as saying Harrington "would be someone to consider" during free agency.