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"The Rock" a Lure for Al Harrington But Are the Nets Interested?

When it comes to free agency, everyone knows the names of the top three or four players worth the max and another three or four who want the max but will probably settle for less.  Then, there's the next group who, while flawed, have value.  Put Al Harrington in that group. He's a great scorer, especially against the Nets, but he's also seen as a black hole on offense. And while he can defend, it's not been part of his repertoire for a while.  Still, Harrington is a Jersey guy, born in Elizabeth, raised in Roselle and he can see himself in a Nets uniform--and playing in Newark. "If they had interest in me, I'd take a strong look at that," Harrington, a free-agent-to-be, told The Post. "It's still the city. It's still home. I'd rather play at the Garden, but I'd play in Newark, too." No indication the Nets have interest.