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Suffering Through Spring, Hoping for a Better Summer

Rod Thorn says he's seen more college hoops "than I normally would. I watched all the tournament games last week until the power went out."  Why?  With the help of a friendly ping pong ball, the Nets would wind up with the 1st, 27th and 31st picks.  Like most teams, the Nets have already done the bulk of their in-person scouting and will now watch on TV.  Al Iannazzone reports Thorn has personally scouted Kentucky's John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins and Syracuse's Wesley Johnson. Nets scouts have seen Wall, Cousins and Ohio State's Evan Turner more than 10 times.  Moreover, the team subscribes to Hoop 1 Video, which provides NBA teams with video clips of collegiate and international games.  It's co-located with the Nets offices in East Rutherford.