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Power Down

The Nets' predicament is getting so monotonous that one power ranking pundit gave out special praise to the Nets beat writers for "hanging in there".  Such is the Nets' fate as they creep along at he bottom, the end now a month away.  Chris Mannix of SI is the writer who praised the four horsemen of our apocalypse: D'Alessandro, Kerber, Iannazzone and Garcia.  Meanwhile, John Schuhmann of, ever the numbers cruncher, points out that if the Nets match their record over the last 16 games, 3-13, over the next 16, they will escape the futility record.  Marc Stein on the other hand notes the Nets are 1-7 in games decided by 3 or fewer points, or as Kurt Helin of NBC puts it, "they keep blowing leads and losing close ones".