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Chris Quinn's Focus Is on Team, Not Losing

Chris Quinn has been getting less time on the court.  Devin Harris and Keyon Dooling are healthy and Terrence Williams is proving he can play the point.  He also knows about losing.  He played for the Heat when they won 15 games. Quinn talks to Fan House about the team, the organization and losing.  Quinn likes his teammates.  He calls them a "fun group to be around" because they try to "find positives any way we can." But he subtly notes not everyone is on board, saying "for the most part we have a good group of guys" and "the majority of the team has the same attitude" about staying professional.  He reserves special praise for Harris,  Brook Lopez and Courtney Lee.

As for the organization, Quinn compares the Nets to the Heat. "Miami was a first-class organization and it's the same way here."  So much so, he wants to come back.  "I would love to be a part of the solution around here."