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Players' Poll: Nets Least Likely to Win NBA Championship

A Sports Illustrated survey of 173 NBA players finds the Nets are the least likely team to win an NBA championship over the next five years.  The Nets received 31% of the votes, followed by the Timberwolves with 16%, the Grizzlies 15% and the Knicks 11%.  At the other end, the Pacers (20--43) surprisingly received only one vote—the same as the league-leading Cavaliers (49--15).  The Times' Howard Beck says the poll calls into question the Nets and Knick's cap-saving plans.  He quotes two members of the NBA announcing staff, Kenny Smith and Jeff Van Gundy, who have divergent views on the philosophy.  Smith thinks "The one thing about attraction — there has to be something that attracts you to." Van Gundy, a possible Nets coaching prospect, disagrees. "Both places will get somebody good, really good — if not this year, then next year or the year after."