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Forbes: Prokhorov 39th Richest in the World

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Forbes Magazine's estimate of Mikhail Prokhorov's net worth isn't quite as extravagant as Russia's Finans Magazine.  While Finans pegs his wealth at $17.85 billion, Forbes has him at only $13.4 billion. That's up 41% from last year and puts him 39th in the world. Forbes reports Prokhorov sees the Nets as his entree into the U.S. He'll only be the NBA's second richest owner, according to Forbes' list.  Portland's Paul Allen ranks 37th with $13.5 billion.  Other NBA owners high up: Richard DeVos of the Magic at #176 - $4.5 billion; Micky Arison of the Heat at #188 - $4.4 billion; Stan Kroenke of the Nuggets at #342 - $2.9 billion; Chuck Dolan of the Knicks at #367 - $2.6 billion and Mark Cuban of the Mavericks at #400 - $2.4 billion. Thirteen NBA owners are billionaires.