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TWill's Up Week Gets Him Rookie Recognition

It's as if Drew Packham and David Thorpe aren't quite sure Terrence Williams has turned the corner with his 13/6/6 week.  They like him, say nice things about him (Packham in particular), but note that he still needs both consistency and structure if he's going to succeed in the NBA.  Packham devotes his entire column to TWill, concluding, "If Williams continues to see playing time -- and really, why wouldn't the Nets let their rookie run? -- expect him to only improve."  Thorpe calls Williams "a very talented wing player who needs a strong structure around him" but ultimately says he's been  "a disappointment".  He suggests Omri Casspi, the Israeli baller, would have been a better choice for the Nets.  Still, he jumps Williams 12 places in this week's rookie rankings, from #31 to #19 and in his chat agrees with a fan who suggests that you can't "blame anyone on that team for having a bad year when the entire season has been one big joke."