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Kidd: Thorn, Prokhorov "Will Turn It Around"

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In his most positive comments about the Nets since he left New Jersey, Jason Kidd expressed optimism about the team's future and nostalgia for its past. "It's something that they'll do right," Kidd told Al Iannazzone. "They'll get it turned back around at some point. It's just a matter of time. Rod (Thorn) and the new owner will definitely get it back on track." Kidd of course wanted out because he felt the team had no plan and was in a cost-cutting mode, going from the league's sixth highest payroll in 2005-06 to its 22nd two years later. Now, he sees a plan and hope. "They have a plan in place," he added. "They're preparing for the free agent class for this summer ...You just hope they get someone."

As for the Nets great run at the beginning of the decade, the 10-time All-Star reflected on the success and left no doubt as to who was to blame for the team's demise. "I miss the whole situation we built," Kidd said. "It was a great time. We were very lucky to get to two Finals. Things were going the right way. But sometimes when you have a sale, a lot of things change and that definitely happened."