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Moving Out - Few Residents Remain in Arena "Footprint"

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As construction work intensifies and prospect of legal success diminishes, residents in the "footprint" of Barclays Center and the larger Atlantic Yards are leaving.  There's no accurate number of how many people still live on the 22-acre site, but estimates ranged between 15 and 62 before the recent exodus. Among those who left were plaintiffs in various lawsuits.  Some received better settlements than others, writes Norman Oder.   Among the holdouts: Daniel Goldstein, the face of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn.  He claims the state has imposed draconian restrictions on his lifestyle since his condominium, the only one occupied in a nine-story building, was condemned. Even the manager of Freddy's Bar admits he's looking for another location for Freddy's II.

Meanwhile, Bruce Ratner is negotiating with a range of top architects, including the legendary David Childs, to design the residential and office buildings that will surround Barclays Center at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues.