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Critic Admits D-League Demotion Was Probably a Good Idea

It all comes down to your definition of "development".  Is it limited to skills development, physical development or is it broader, as in professional development, a phrase not uncommon in the larger world?  Kelly Dwyer criticized the Nets  for sending Terrence Williams down to Springfield, calling it a punishment tour...but held out hope that the "misguided" and "clueless" maneuver could help Williams.

With T-Will's return, Dwyer is changing his tune a bit, although he still calls Avery Johnson's decision a "cop-out" that asked the Armor to do his "dirty work".  He writes Thursday that the demotion seems to have worked, and now says it's up to Johnson "to try to make a great talent into a great player. Which is sort of the point of coaching."