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Attendance Still Down, But Fan Enthusiasm Is Up

With a quarter of the Nets home games (10 out of 39) in the books, the Nets are still near the bottom of NBA attendance, ranking 27th out of 30, and only slightly better than last season. 

Still, numbers tell only part of the story.  By committing $4 million to break their lease at the IZOD, the Nets took a gamble that the easy access afforded by the Prudential Center would lure more fans, particularly those from New York  AND improve fan experience.  So far, that first rationale hasn't panned out but no one can deny "The Rock" is a lot better place to watch the Nets.  

As the Nets' Ben Couch points out, the Newark vibe is just better and that has led to more energetic fans and a more  appreciative team.