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Nets Recall Williams

The Nets announced Tuesday morning that they have recalled Terrence Williams from the D-League. Williams will join the team in Dallas on Wednesday, and could play Thursday against the Mavericks. “Terrence is on his way back to Jersey and he will be on a plane heading to Dallas tonight,” Avery Johnson said.

Williams' last game with the Nets was Nov. 20 in Denver, and the last time he played more than 10 minutes was more than a month ago.

In series of tweets, Williams expressed gratitude that he's coming back.   In one he wrote, "First thing first it's def good to be back, I give all glory to God he put me in the position to do right an has a great plan def."

"We appreciated the Nets entrusting us with their players," Springfield Armor coach Dee Brown said. "We feel confident that our partnership with the Nets will continue to bring great talent to Springfield going forward."