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Prokhorov! Dolan! The Battle of the Boroughs Is On...Again!!

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It's probably not a good time to compare the fortunes of the Nets and Knicks ...well at least from a Nets fan's perspective. The New Yorkers just did a number on the Nets and are looking like a playoff-bound team. The Nets not so much.

To even the score, the guys at Basketball Jones are offering up a video contrasting the styles of battling billionaires  Mikhail Prokhorov (somewhere between $13 and $17 billion) and James Dolan (around $2 billion) as they prepare to divide the city in 2012. Who wins this battle of styles? Oh, please.

While Isiah Thomas' BFF talks about how the Dixie Chicks influenced his music, The Most Interesting Man in the World works on his Kalishnikov clicks. Take a look...and as they say at Nello's, enjoy!

Battle of the Boroughs: Dolan vs. Prokhorov fight! from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.