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Power Rankings: It Could Be Worse

When looking at the present difficulties, it is always good to look at what could have been and what actually has been. Without Mikhail Prokhorov, the Nets might very well be in the position the Hornets are: with an uncertain future in an uncertain location.

And as John Schuhmann points out in this week's power rankings, even at #26, the Nets are better than they were last year. "They're the sixth most-improved team offensively, seventh most-improved defensively, and sixth most-improved on the glass. That's how awful things were last season," he writes.

Over at ESPN, John Hollinger has the Nets ranked a little higher at #25 but Marc Stein has them all the day down at #27. He says with the week the Nets just had, with two overtime losses and two blowouts, "they surely wish we kept the focus on Humphries and Kardashian".

One consolation for Nets fans after Sunday's debacle. According to Schuhmann and Hollinger, the Celtics are the NBA's best right now. On the other hand, Stein thinks it's the Mavericks, who the Nets face in Dallas at the end of the week.