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Game 21 - Nets vs. Celtics - Sunday, December 5, 1:00

The Nets' gruesome schedule continues Sunday when the Celtics arrive in Newark for an afternoon game.  It will be their eighth game in 13 days since returning from a west coast swing and it shows.  They've lost three straight, two straight in overtime.  They won't get much rest this week either.  They only play two games in six days, but those games will be in Atlanta and Dallas. Next Sunday, they're back in New play the Lakers.

They will likely have Devin Harris back vs. Boston.  The Nets declared him "probable" on Saturday.  The rest of the team remains on burn-out watch, but relatively healthy.  As for the Celtics, Rajon Rondo is now affected by sore knee, but he will play.  In spite of a series of nagging injuries, one of which kept him out of the Nets game in Boston, he's averaging 11.4 points and 14.4 assists and making John Stockton's single season record of 14.5 per game seem vulnerable.

If the Nets lose, they will fall into last place in the Atlantic Division.