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Farmar Happy with Nets, Johnson

Four times Jordan Farmar has filled in for Devin Harris, once when Harris was ejected early against the Clippers, then the last three games after Harris strained his knee.  So far, so good.  The 24-year-old back-up is averaging 19 points, 8.8 assists (with only 2.5 turnovers), shooting 46.8% overall, 39.1% from deep.

It's fair to say Farmar is the Nets' best back-up point guard in the last decade, at least. He may dribble too much, may shoot too much (39 shots the last two games), but he is reliable, professional and can be very clutch.  He says he enjoys playing for Avery Johnson. "He kind of understands what I'm going through. He understands how to motivate me and tell me things I can actually see," he tells Alex Raskin of HoopsWorld.  For the coach's part, he sees Farmar as a battler, high praise for Johnson.