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Avery's Balancing Act

The rumors keep coming, sometimes contradictory, even spawning conflicts between writers.  Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Nets and Blazers are talking about Andre Miller being sent to New Jersey.  Peter Vecsey says the two teams did talk, but the "dot-com report" is wrong. 

Avery Johnson of course has to keep up.  About half his roster has been mentioned at one time or another in trade rumors, including the league's youngest player, Derrick Favors. He no doubt knows the status of talks, but at the same time he has to develop the players too.

So Johnson wants to make sure that everyone knows that everything isn't accurate (how could it be?).  "So whether they’re accurate or not, you’re always going to have rumors. Meanwhile, the main thing is a lot of our young guys that we’re trying to develop that are supposedly in these trade rumors, we got to just make sure we keep developing those guys."