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Will 'Melo Cave on Extension?

The Nets have always believed they can convince Carmelo Anthony to sign a $65 million extension with them once they get a deal done with the Nuggets.  Otherwise why continue with what some are calling a "charade", particularly when they've leaked, "No extension, No deal", to reporters far and wide.

Why they believe that is a mystery.  There was a report, never confirmed, that Jay-Z met over breakfast with William Wesley, part of Team 'Melo. There is an ever stronger belief that Anthony is far more interested in that extension than where he'll spend it.  Chris Tomasson disagrees. He tweets that of course the Nets are backing off: "Source told FanHouse last week ['Melo] doesn't want to sign Nets extension & there's been no change."

But Kurt Helin essentially says, so what? Things will change in February, noting "hard deadlines impose reality on situations"  "As the [trade] deadline gets closer, Anthony may well reconsider the swamps of New Jersey. Denver will temper its demands and other teams will make their real best offers."

Other evidence in the Nets' favor: Marc Spears reports that Anthony has already notified the Charlotte Bobcats that he "had no interest in playing for the struggling Bobcats or signing a contract extension with them."