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While Celebrities Party On, Nets Stuck in Upper Midwest

Maybe we should start a NetsDaily gossip column.  Forget the games...go with what people are really interested in: do Kim Kardashian's new cornrows have anything to do with Kris Humphries (Hollywood News)? How will Maria Sharapova do in her tennis tournament without beau Sasha Vujacic? (Auckland Herald). How about Jay-Z and Beyonce joining Coldplay on New Year's Eve to open a new Las Vegas hotel! (People) Kim is hosting her own Vegas party.

Yeah, that would be cool, but we'd have to spend most of our time tracking Mikhail Prokhorov.  As Page Six reports Friday, he's back in the French Alps where his "entourage in Courchevel included a group of '12 gorgeous, tall brunettes and one blonde. They were drinking champagne at lunch, watched over by his personal assistant'." 

The team? Oh, they'll be "celebrating" in some barren, snowbound upper Midwest locale preparing for the "Contraction Bowl" in Minnesota Saturday.  Hope someone calls.