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Harris Big Part of LeGrand Story

The Star-Ledger's Steve Politi ends 2010 with an update on the status of Rutgers' Eric LeGrand ...and the effort to help him recover from a devastating injury that leaves him paralyzed.  Politi devotes most of the story to those who were moved by LeGrand's story and did something to help.

One of those, he notes, was Devin Harris who raised $75,000 from Nets' players, coaches, management and owner Mikhail Prokhorov. 

"It was just more of me being a part of the New Jersey community now," Harris said from Chicago Thursday. "He’s a kid who stayed home, who’s playing football for his home school, so we wanted to step in and say, ‘We take care of our community.’ "

Politi points out that Tracy McGrady was so moved by the check presentation on opening night that he went home, googled LeGrand and added $20,000 himself