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Nets May Abandon 'Melo Talks; "Substantively" Reviewing Pursuit

Ken Berger reports Friday that Nets officials are so tired of the "mixed signals" and "indecision" coming out of Denver that they're "'substantively' re-evaluating their pursuit" of Carmelo Anthony and may simply walk away from trade talks.

"With trade demands that another executive described as 'too high and unrealistic,' the Nuggets run the risk of alienating the team that from the beginning had the most assets to offer -- starting with Derrick Favors, multiple first-round picks and the expiring contract of Troy Murphy," Berger writes. Nets' officials --presumably Billy King and Bobby Marks-- are increasingly frustrated and have grown "'sick of the whole charade,' according to one source and have 'backed away,' according to another."

How unreasonable?  Adrian Wojnarowski reports that in a larger, multi-team deal, the Nuggets want the Nets to give up five first round picks and Devin Harris...without getting a point guard back. Moreover, Woj writes the Nuggets want the Nets to move Murphy somewhere other than Denver.

Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone writes that this may be nothing more than a Nets attempt to push things to a head, that while the Nets are tired of the games, they still want --and need-- 'Melo. He and Fred Kerber also report the Nets could involve the Cavaliers and Wizards in a multi-team deal and remain (somewhat) confident they will get Anthony.  Chris Mannix agrees, writing: "Source close to Nets-Nuggets talks says NJN have not given up on Melo but says '[Nets] aren't going to give Denver anything more'," and suggests it's more "posturing."