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Don't Hold Your Breath on 'Melo

Every indicator is showing that a trade for Carmelo Anthony is NOT imminent. Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post tweeted that there was no truth to the report that a three-team deal involving the Cavaliers almost went down last week. Chris Mannix of SI similarly quotes an "exec on team in Melo chase" as saying Denver is in "no rush".

Al Iannazzone, quoting a "league source", adds that Anthony "isn't expected to change addresses in the near future" and notes that if Denver continues to dawdle into February, it "could get less from the Nets and other teams that have been trying since before the season to make a deal." And Fred Kerber writes, "All quiet on the Carmelo Anthony front -- for now. The Nets expect to resume talks next week with the Nuggets who want to see Anthony play with full team."

So in the holiday spirit and with so much time, we decided to help the front office determine fan sentiment by running a poll.