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Uzoh: You've Got To Have Faith

Avery Johnson said Ben Uzoh was the Nets' "only bright spot" in a blowout loss to the Thunder. No wonder. The 6'3" third string point guard had come home to the state where he starred for four years at the University of Tulsa.  Playing most of the fourth quarter, Uzoh scored six points, handed out five assists and grabbed three rebounds.  Not bad for one of three undrafted seniors playing in the NBA this season.

In spite of that, he could still be cut at any time up to January 10, when all partially guaranteed deals become fully guaranteed.  Uzoh isn't worried.  He comes to work, does what he's asked and relies on his faith.  "I've been doing a lot of feeding off my belief system. This is a new situation for me. I appreciate that, and I'm going to definitely going to try to keep up my faith."

Johnson likes what he sees. "We feel Uzoh has some potential. He has great size. He is a really good defender with long arms and knows how to run a team," Johnson said.