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T-Will: Hard Reading "I'm a Bad Guy" Johnson: "There's No Timetable"

In interviews, Terrence Williams, Avery Johnson and Billy King spoke about T-Will's triple-double, his demotion to Springfield and a timetable for his return. 

Williams described going to the D-League as " very humbling":  He said, "On the three hour drive down here, reading by yourself reading on Yahoo! or reading the reporters say that I'm a bad guy, as far as attitude wise, when I never gave a player or a coach a attitude."

Johnson reiterated he has "no timetable" for Williams' return. "He played real well, happy he played a good game," he said after talking with King, who was at the game. "We'll continue to take it one game at at time."  Tom Barrise heads to Springfield Saturday.

King told a D-League reporter that Williams thanked him for sending him down to Springfield because he realized he needed to back to the player and person who got himself to the NBA.