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Harris at 80% Hopes for Sunday Return vs. Celtics

If Friday's game vs. the Bobcats were a playoff game instead of Game 20, Devin Harris says he would be gutting it out.

Instead, he'll be making the Nets' fashion statement.  Harris, who strained a knee when Kris Humphries fell on him at the Garden, thinks he'll be 90% --and ready-- Sunday, but no guarantees.

It turns out that Drew Packham of isn't the only one who thinks Derrick Favors has dropped in the rookie rankings.  So does his coach.  Avery Johnson says he's notice a drop in the rookie's energy and will talk to him about it. "It’s about that time," Johnson said. As for not playing Favors in overtime Wednesday, the coach replied, "I don’t think he was quite ready for that yet."

Johnson was also full of praise for Terrence Williams' stat line in Springfield, calling it "awesome" but gave no indication T-Will will be back in New Jersey any time soon.  Meanwhile, the Bobcats' own mercurial player, former Net Stephen Jackson, apologized to Charlotte fans for being suspended.