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Favors Rough Stretch Drops Him in One Rookie Ranking

Derrick Favors hasn't had such a great week statistically, scoring only two points in three of the team's last four games and playing a season-low eight minutes vs. the Thunder.  Part of it is the return of Troy Murphy.  So, Drew Packham of has dropped Favors out of the Rookie Top Ten, which is topped by Blake Griffin.

Not so David Thorpe of ESPN. He maintains Favors at #4, noting his rebounding prowess and offering some advice. Thorpe suggests Favors focus on rebounding his strength and build on it, much like Kevin Love did last season.  Thorpe has Damion James at #35, citing his energy and rebounding and Ben Uzoh at #40. John Hollinger's daily player efficiency ratings has Favors at #6, James at #25.