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Game 20 - Nets @ Bobcats - Friday, December 3, 7:00

The Nets take a quick trip to Charlotte Friday in hopes of getting even with the Bobcats, who came back from 10 down in the Nets' fourth game.  Since then, the 'Cats are 5-8 and the Nets 4-11.  Not much difference. The two aren't much different in offense and defense as well.  So expect a low-scoring, bad shooting game.  Both have lost two in a row as well.

The Bobcats do lead the league in one thing: they've committed 13 technical fouls this season. Six have been charged to Stephen Jackson. Gerald Wallace has three. For the Nets, Devin Harris remains out with a strained knee and Terrence Williams looks like he will be playing at least a few more games in Springfield. The Bobcats are healthy other than Gerald Henderson.  

The game is also a homecoming for hot shooting Charlotte native Anthony Morrow who would become the game's best deep shooter ever if he makes his first three Friday.