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For Favors, It's About Stepping Up, Not Stepping Out

In comments from Avery Johnson, and Derrick Favors himself, and in rankings by the rookie rankers, one thing is clear: he can be better and everyone is waiting for that next step up in production...and passion.

It's been an odd year for the NBA's youngest player, whose name first appeared in trade rumors the first day of training camp... and continue even now. His production has come in fits and starts: a 13 and 13 game early vs. the Heat, another 10 and 13 game earlier this month vs. the Sixers. Since then, not much and Avery Johnson wants more. 

David Thorpe of ESPN thinks it's coming. "Of all the draft picks who have just been OK so far, Favors is the guy I most expect to break out with a monster month. It just has not come close to happening in 2010."  And so, he remains at #4 on Thorpe's list.