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Mannix: 'Melo Will Be a Net in 2011; Broussard: Not So Fast!

Chris Mannix is out with his predictions for 2011. Peering into his crystal ball, he sees Carmelo Anthony as a Net next year. "It's no secret Anthony wants to play in New York; but it's even less of a secret that he craves signing the $65 million extension that almost certainly won't be available to him this summer."  So predicts Mannix, 'Melo will wind up with "a franchise bankrolled by Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, that will move into a sparkling $900 million arena in Anthony's hometown of Brooklyn."

Chris Broussard says hold your horses, the Nuggets want to give Anthony one more chance to sign that deal, planning "to give the club -- which is healthier than it's been all season with the return of Kenyon Martin -- a few weeks to play together and jell. They will then approach Anthony one last time about signing the three-year, $64 million extension they’ve had on the table all season." 'Melo he says will reject their plea.