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Scouts On The Road Despite Rumors That Picks Are Headed Elsewhere

The Nets are still scouting top college players, even as rumors fly that their top pick this June is headed to Denver along with the Warriors pick in 2012.  Not to mention another rumor that has them willing to give up a third first round pick to entice the Cavaliers into an expanded Carmelo Anthony deal. reports that a Nets scout was at the Alabama-Pepperdine game Tuesday, presumably to look at JaMychal Green, a 6'8" junior forward who could be a second rounder.  The report didn't name the scout, but Gregg Polinsky, the Nets director of player personnel, lives in Alabama.

The Nets beefed up their scouting over the summer. Two former general managers, Bob Ferry (Bullets) and Garry St. Jean (Warriors), have been hired. Danko Cvjeticanin, who worked for Billy King in Philly, is the Nets new international scout.  Maury Hanks, who pushed hard for Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson in 2008, has been promoted to director of scouting and scouts Khalid Green and Jordan Cohn check out East and West Coast college prospects. Polinsky has overall responsibility for scouting.