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Nets Apologize for Snowy "Rock"

Brett Yormark is apologizing to fans who attended the Nets-Magic game Monday night, admitting did not get a "first class experience"...and says he has spoken with Prudential Center management about it.

In a message from the CEO on the Nets site, Yormark wrote, "We expect to provide you with a 'Best in Class' experience each and every time you attend a NETS game. This clearly did not happen last evening... I sincerely apologize." The problem, he reports, was that not enough arena employees were able to make it to the game with so much of NJ Transit down.

"This suspension of services left the building short-staffed and forced the arena to only open two concession stands.

"I have spoken to building management to ensure that this does not happen again regardless of the elements," he wrote. Fans complained that lines to get food or drink were an hour long.