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Game 32 - Nets @ Thunder - Wednesday, December 29, 8:00

The last time these two teams met was an instant classic, a triple overtime thriller even without either Kevin Durant or Devin Harris.  The Thunder won, with Russell Westbrook going for 38, 15 and 9 and Jeff Green getting one less point to go with five rebounds and four assists.  The Nets' Brook Lopez and Jordan Farmar finished with 28 and Anthony Morrow, who dropped in a three pointer at the buzzer in regulation to tie it, had 25.

Durant, the NBA's leading scorer this season both in terms of average and high game, is healthy.  So is Harris.  But Morrow looks like he's out another two weeks and is missed as the Nets search for more offense.  The Thunder are playing well. Oklahoma City has won six of the last eight at the Ford Center, while New Jersey has lost 11 of their last 12 on the road. The Nets have yet to beat a team with a .600 or better record...and OKC is at .656.

Meanwhile, Nets players reacted for the first time to LeBron James' contraction talk. They were not pleased.