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Report: Nets Were Close to Three-Team 'Melo Deal Last Week

Buried in a Cavaliers beat reporter's story on the team's trade prospects is this nugget: the Nets, Nuggets and Cavaliers may have been close to a three-way deal last week that would have brought Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey. Only the death of Anthony's sister prevented the deal from going through.

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal wrote Monday night:

One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak on it, thought the Denver Nuggets were close to shipping Carmelo Anthony to the New Jersey Nets last week. That was stalled after the death of Anthony's sister.

The Cavs could be a third team involved in such a deal, but they would require at least one draft pick in exchange for making the salaries fit using their trade exception.

The Cavaliers have a $14.5 million TE from their "trade" of LeBron James to Miami for draft picks last July.  Lloyd provided no other details. Various writers reported last week on discussions among the three teams, but none suggested a deal was imminent. In one trade scenario, Devin Harris would go to the Cavs.