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LeBron Backs Off Contraction After Avery Comment on Heat Trio

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MIkhail Prokhorov declined comment when asked about LeBron James' contraction remarks, but Avery Johnson didn't. Asked for his reaction to James' opinion that the NBA might be better off without the Nets and Timberwolves,  Johnson reponded, "Maybe the league would be better if we didn't have three stars on one team."

On Monday afternoon, asked about Johnson's remarks, James (sort of) retreated: "I didn't mean to upset nobody. I didn't tell Avery Johnson to leave, either. I just said, imagine if you take Kevin Love off Minnesota or Devin Harris or Brook Lopez (off the Nets), there's going to be better teams and the competition is rising.

"I didn't say let's abandon the Nets and not let them move to Brooklyn."

Johnson said Sunday that he left the team's meeting with James this past July believing the two-time MVP respected the Nets. After all, they do have the richest owner in the NBA and are moving to an $900 million arena in Brooklyn.  "We're going to Brooklyn. We're not going to contract," said Johnson, who added that he expects to speak with James about the insult next time they see each other.

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